The Westbrook PE team is looking for your help! All 1st and 2nd grade students will be participating in a Bicycle Training and Safety unit during their PE classes May 1-12. We are in need of parent volunteers to facilitate small groups of students with helmet fitting, learning to balance and pedal, and providing safety supervision. Any time you can give is greatly appreciated!You can sign up with this link. Please contact our PE teachers with any questions.  Come join the fun!!
Laura Oroni & Talia Evans

Kindergarten Music Performance

Please join us for a kindergarten musical performance: Our year in kindergarten music!
Our kindergarten students will be getting together to perform songs that represent all of the wonderful things we have been learning about this year in music.  
AM Classes – Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Brynwood          
Friday, May 12, 9:30am

PM Classes – Mrs. Greiner and Mrs. Smith                                   
Friday, May 12, 1:30pm

Save the Date!

Third Grade Parent Orientation
Wednesday, April  26, 2017
6:30 to 8:00 PM in the Glen Grove Cafeteria
If you are a parent of a child who will be a third grader at Glen Grove next year, please join Glen Grove staff for a parent presentation.  They will share an overview of instructional philosophy, character development philosophy, instructional programs, support programs, enrichment opportunities, assessment calendars, schedule, events, and more!  Please note: this evening is for adults only!