District 34 Preschool

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The District 34 Preschool, housed at Westbrook Elementary School, welcomes our youngest learners (ages 3-5) to participate in a play-based learning environment where literacy, math, science, social studies, fine and gross motor, communication and social emotional skills are embedded throughout the natural setting of our preschool.

Each Preschool classroom is supported by one teacher and at least two teaching assistants, a dedicated speech pathologist two days a week, and an occupational therapist.  Additionally, our team’s social worker, psychologist, and physical therapist support all classrooms on a regular basis. This model allows for children to grow and learn in a natural, supportive, play based manner where these skills are interwoven to support all childrens’ growth and development.

District 34 Preschool 

(formerly Early Childhood Program)

Programa de educación temprana del Distrito 34

Our Services

Blended Classrooms: These classes are considered to be General Education classes and support a mix of typically developing students, students who meet certain at-risk criteria, and students who receive special education support and services learning together.

Bilingual Spanish Classrooms: This is also a General Education class with a mix of typically developing students, students who meet at-risk criteria, and students who receive special education support. Students in this program are taught in English and in Spanish.

Itinerant Speech Services: Are for students who have a speech language delay that requires intervention and support. Students are seen by a speech/language pathologist 1-2 times a week in a small group or individually. Oftentimes the parent observes therapy so they can carry over these activities and models within the home. This level of support is available through your neighborhood primary school.

Preschool Student Hours

M, T, TH, F:
3-4 years old: 8:45am - 11:15am
4-5 years old: 1:10pm - 3:40pm

Late Start Wednesday: 
3-4 years old: 9:45am - 11:45am
4-5 years old: 1:40pm - 3:40pm

student working on coloring activity

Interested in enrolling your child at D34? Please call (847)657-2493 and a member of our team and can assist you!

Below are options for enrolling your child in our program:

Tuition Based Programming
Enrollment in the Preschool program may occur at any time based on space availability. Our classes tend to start filling up in the spring for the following fall. Tuition is $2,550 for the school year.  

At-Risk Placements
To see if your child would meet the requirements for a tuition waiver due to certain at-risk factors, please contact Assistant Principal Margaret Wade to schedule a screening. If granted enrollment, your child may join the program when space is available. There is no cost for this placement and transportation may be provided.

Special Education Placement
If a child has gone through a screening and an evaluation through the District, they may be eligible for an Individualized Education Plan to address their learning needs. This level of support is dependent on the individual needs of your child.

Screening and Placements
District 34 engages in Child Find activities where students can be screened in multiple areas of development. Screenings are conducted monthly for any resident in our school district boundaries. Please contact Assistant Principal Margaret Wade to schedule a developmental screening with our team for the 2022-2023 school year.

What is Child Find?

Child Find is an ongoing process of locating, identifying, and evaluating preschool children ages three, four, and five, who may show delays in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Social, Emotional, or Behavior Skills
  • Speech-Language
  • Fine or Gross Motor Development
  • Pre-academic skills
  • Vision or hearing
Use the search tool below to find contact information for a Preschool staff member.

Patrick Hoeft

Titles: Principal

Margaret Wade

Titles: Assistant Principal of Student Services

Geena Hornback

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Michelle Lee

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Clarissa Munoz

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Anna Nelson

Titles: Preschool Teacher

Laura Gean

Titles: Speech Language Pathologist

Amy Greco

Titles: Speech Language Pathologist

Kathryn Feifar

Titles: Speech Language Pathologist

Christine Crowe

Titles: Social Worker
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