Mountain Gorilla

What does it look like? Mountain gorillas have a black face and long, bushy hair. They have short legs and long arms. The biggest and oldest male has gray hairs on his back. He is called a silverback. An adult can weigh about 450 pounds, can grow to 5 or 6 feet tall, and can live up to 50 years.
Where does it live? Mountain gorillas live in Uganda, Zaire, and Rwanda. These countries are in Africa. They live in the forests in the mountains.
What does it eat? Mountain Gorillas eat roots, vines, bark, leaves, berries, fruit and bamboo shoots. They will also eat snails, slugs and insects. They don't drink much water.
How does it move?

Baby gorillas climb and swing around in the trees but most adults stay on the ground and don't move around much. When they do move, they use their knuckles of their hands to help them swing their whole body forward between their arms.

How does it see? These gorillas have small, dark brown eyes. 
How does it hear? Mountain gorillas have tiny ears.  
How does it smell? Gorillas smell through their nose. No two gorilla noses are alike.
How does it breathe? Since a gorilla is a mammal it breathes through its nose and lungs.
Who are its predators? Leopards and humans kill gorillas. Some humans sell their body parts as trophies. Some people hunt them for their meat. Sometimes gorillas are caught in traps that are meant for other animals.
Other Interesting Facts:
  • Mountain gorillas make nests on the ground or up in trees.
  • Mountain gorillas are endangered. There are only 500 left in the world today.
  • There are no mountain gorillas in zoos.
  • · A baby gorilla can cling to the long hairs on its mom for a ride, leaving the motherís hands free for walking.
  • Gorillas are very hairy, except for their faces, palms, and soles of their feet.

Monkey Pictures:

Kratt's Creatures Enchanted Learning Gorilla Diagram Baby mountain gorilla
Mountain Gorilla group Adult Mountain gorilla Silverback
  Map showing where Mountain gorilla lives  






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